Dynamic Series

Dynamic clinics are set up to focus on a specific skill and to go more in depth on that skill.  Due to the intense focus on specific skills, all dynamic clinics have a maximum of 12 players per group and are only available to squirts and older with a minimum of 2 years hockey experience (with the exception of Dynamic Edges Jr which is designed for mites).  All dynamic clinics are 3 days long and each day consists of 45 minutes on ice and 30 minutes off ice.  Players will leave with a deeper understanding of a specific skill, how to work on these skills on their own, and how to utilize those skills in game situations.

 Dynamic Edges and Dynamic Edges Jr

The most important  skill in hockey is skating! For 3 days we will work on the stride, edges, turns, explosive transition speed, all in a DYNAMIC manner that will promote not only great edges, but great edges with power! In addition, we will progress into adding pucks into the equation.  We believe in proper form and will break the stride down for each player and help promote correct muscle memory. There will also be an off-ice session each day to work on explosive power and proper form using"hockey yoga" movements.  It's three days of intense, focused, dynamic skating!


Dynamic Edges Jr - This a camp that is for mites only...We focus on the same skills as the regular Dynamic Edges but at a pace approriate for mites.  Because this is a high intensisty clinic and these players are younger we do not include an off-ice session for the Jr.

Dynamic Goal Scoring

From how to shoot in stride, attacking the scoring areas, and footwork necessary to accomplish these skills, players will develop new skills to help them score in this new era of fast-paced hockey.  The off-ice sessions will focus on dynamic ways to shoot pucks in the cage that take it beyond the traditional stagnant "shoot as many pucks as you can" technique.  

Dynamic Hockey IQ

We believe players who play smart are more effective players who enjoy the game more.  During this clinic players will work on scissors, cycling, attacking the blue line, creating numbers, time and space, puck possession, puck movement, quiet zones and much more!  Your player will come away with hockey knowledge that will lead to a greater understanding and joy of the game!

Dynamic Speed

This clinic will focus on playing with more speed.  Players will be put through drills that will develop more speed while playing the game of hockey.  It will be 3 days of intensity on and off the ice.  Players will want to bring a water bottle for this one!

Dynamic Grit

"The number one factor of success is Grit and the ultimate driver of Grit is love.  If you don't love it you'll never work to become great at it." -Jon Gordon

In this clinic we will work with your player to come to every practice, every drill, every game, with a gritty intensity.  Not only do we focus on being physically gritty we also will work on mental toughness.  

 New!   Dynamic "Tri-Fecta" Skills

This clinic is a combination of Dynamic Edges, Dynamic Stick Skills, and Dynamic Goal Scoring!  In order to play the modern game today, players are pushed to be faster when they skate, faster when they stick handle, and faster when they shoot.... this camp works on using all three of these skills in a very challenging progression that will help players reach their potential in this face-paced game!

Tune it Up! (Spring/Fall)

Do you want to get ready for your tryouts or just tune up your skills?  We will have skills sessions focused on high intensity skill training.  The main focus will be playing with pace, edge work, passing, stick skills, and goal scoring.  

4 Day Summer Camp

This is a  4-day camp that offers players a chance to develop their skills using Coach Major's proven progression of skills.  All of the skills and games are chosen specifically to support this program and it is fun to watch how quickly the kids catch on and get better! Each player will receive 8 hours on-ice training, 2 hours off ice training, a practice jersey, as well as a chalk talk every day. Nutrition education and daily healthy snack is also offered at this camp.

X-Treme Dynamic Camp

This will be intense!  In the spirit of our Dynamic Series, we will offer 5 of our most popular dynamic courses in 1 camp... each day will have two on-ice sessions, 1 off-ice session, and 1 video session...

Day 1: Dynamic Edges  

Day 2: Dynamic Overspeed

Day 3: Dynamic Stick Skills

Day 4: Dynamic Goal Scoring

Each of these days will finish with 15 minutes of Dynamic Hockey IQ...

Day 1: Cycling and Scissors

Day 2: Movement off the puck 

Day 3: Quiet Zones

Day 4: Net Front Play

Bring your water bottle and be ready to rock and roll!  Players will leave with tools to work on these skills on their own. This camp is for squirts and up with at least 2 years of hockey experience.

5-Day Friday Clinics

Keep your skills sharp over a 5-week period.  Clinics will be every Friday with Coach Major's proven off-ice skills development for all ages. Players will then head on the ice for an hour of intense training where they will come off sweaty and smiling! 



Fall Tune-it-Up!

Do you want to get ready for your fall tryouts or just tune up your skills before your season?  We will have 4 sessions focused on high intensity skill training.  The main focus will be playing with pace, edge work, passing, stick skills, and goal scoring.  

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